AC Charging Controller
Alarm Siren
Charging controller & Socket Unit
D4i Smart Flood Sensor
External Socket Unit
External Zhaga Hub Docking Station
Internal Socket Unit
Internal Zhaga Hub Station
NEMA LoRa Node
QULON Server
Tablet QULON
Voice Alarm Speaker
Zhaga D4i Gas Detectors
Zhaga D4i Smart Dust Sensor
Zhaga D4i Smart IR Temperature Sensor
Zhaga D4i Smart Microwave Motion Sensor
Zhaga D4i Smart Noise Sensor
Zhaga D4i Smart Radiation Sensor
Zhaga D4i Smart Rain Sensor
Zhaga D4i Smart Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor
Zhaga D4i UV Sensor
Zhaga D4i Ultrasonic 3D Wind Sensor
Zhaga D4i Weather Sensor
Zhaga GSM Node
Zhaga LoRa Node
You can download the catalog Smart Pole Solution

Smart Pole

You can download the catalog for Smart Pole. In the catalog, you will find detailed information about the product, its technical characteristics and features, as well as ways to use it. If you have any questions, you can contact our support team using the contact information on the support page.