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Kepler Software

The Kepler platform is a tool for creating a complete city digital twin. It enables not only to observe the city, but also to manage it effectively. The platform's open API allows interaction with hardware and software of almost any manufacturer and integrator. The analysis module of the Kepler platform allows to systematize the received data and make suggestions for the most efficient management of the city.

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    Different applications suit different needs

    QULON offers special administrative application for control room, web app for monitoring and management, mobile-adapted applications, task manager workflow application, and connection app.

  • Smart Pole Solution Kepler Software

    Visualized Data

    QULON generates visualized graphic data breakdown per single luminaire or customized groups, both live and historical data. QULON measures: current, power factor, cumulative power (kWh/kVAh), active and apparent power, voltages, current and voltage per each phase, and other parameters.

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Kepler. Charge Handy tool for solving any tasks

A mobile app to control Smart Pole's range of smart outlets. 

Sign up to use Smart Pole outlets to connect various devices, charge electric cars and small electric vehicles around the world! 

Intuitive app interface, handy map with socket locations and availability display. 

The app accurately tracks electricity consumption, displays the info onscreen, and allows you to pay with a bank card.

Kepler. Charge Handy tool for solving any tasks Smart Pole Solution