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Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Revolutionize Your City with Smart Pole Technology

The Smart Pole is not just a lighting solution—it's the spearhead of the Smart City revolution. Our modular and integrated system embodies the pinnacle of functionality and adaptability, answering the call of today's dynamic urban landscapes.

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Discover the Power of Modularity

Our Smart Pole system is designed with three core components to create a seamless and comprehensive urban management suite

Monitoring Stations Smart Pole

Monitoring Stations

Unlock the potential of precision with a customizable array of environmental and meteorological sensors. Measure what matters—from air quality to weather patterns.

Charging Controller Smart Pole

Charging Controller

Drive into the future with our intelligent power management module. Charging solutions for electric vehicles have never been this smart or straightforward.

Alarm Systems Smart Pole

Alarm Systems

Ensure safety and swift emergency responses with an integrated notification module—your direct line to civil services in critical moments.

In-Depth Eco and Weather Insights

Sharpen your city's senses with our sophisticated sensory array. Offering more than just simple data collection, Smart Pole's state-of-the-art detectors enable a comprehensive understanding of ecological and meteorological dynamics. 

From tracking CO2 levels to monitoring humidity and temperature, our array brings the pulse of the city’s environment to your fingertips. With high-precision sensors configured for radiation, noise, particulate matter, and a multitude of gases, cities can now proactively manage air quality and react promptly to environmental shifts. 

Our customizable sensory design means that whether you’re fighting urban heat islands or improving storm preparedness, your network of Smart Poles serves as guardians of the environment.

Monitoring stations
Eco and weather monitoring Smart Pole

Smart Cities Reimagined

Imagine a cityscape that breathes innovation at every corner. Our Smart Pole technology serves as the nervous system of this urban vision, integrating robust lighting infrastructure with the intelligence of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

From enhancing security through automated emergency responses to powering up public connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi hotspots, our smart solutions lay the foundation for responsive, liveable cities of the future. 

The powerful combination of Smart Pole's technology streamlines urban operations, bolsters sustainable practices, and unlocks new opportunities for smarter city governance, fostering a vibrant urban ecosystem where convenience, safety, and sustainability are interwoven.

Smart Cities Smart Pole Solution

One Controller, Limitless Possibilities

Unleash the full potential of your urban landscape with QULON controllers — the nerve center of Smart Pole operations. Streamlining municipal functions has never been easier; our controllers harmonize lighting, environmental monitoring, energy distribution, and emergency alert systems under a unified command. 

Efficiency soars as city managers oversee and adjust urban lighting strategies, collate crucial environmental data, coordinate EV charging, and execute critical alerts from a single control point. Embracing the power of IoT, QULON controllers integrate seamlessly with existing systems, granting unparalleled ease of management, scalability, and adaptability to meet the evolving demands of tomorrow’s cities. 

With QULON, one controller paves the way for an ecosystem of limitless urban enhancement possibilities.

One controller to rule them all Smart Pole
Smart Pole Energy of Light

the Energy of Light

Step into a world where light meets innovation with Smart Charge—your pathway to a smarter, more connected environment. 

Our advanced pole-mounted technology is more than just a beacon of seamless electricity distribution; it's a testament to the power of convenience and modern ingenuity. With the simple touch of a button on our intuitive mobile app, you unlock a realm of possibilities, ensuring that the energy you need is always within reach and tailored to your lifestyle. 

Effortlessly manage your power consumption, monitor usage statistics, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having control right at your fingertips. Smart Charge is not just illuminating spaces—it's illuminating lives.

  • Smart Lighting

    Efficient LED street lights featuring energy-saving capabilities, remote control functionality, dimming options, and integrated presence detectors to enhance illumination performance.

  • Sensor/Equipment Mount Point

    Strategically positioned mount points for directional sensors, such as surface temperature sensors, or for auxiliary modules to gather critical data.

  • Vertical Sensor Installation Site

    Dedicated installation sites designed for vertical setup of sensors and equipment, like those measuring wind, solar radiation, dust, and more, ensuring accurate environmental monitoring.

Smart Pole is a solution for smart city systems
  • Monitoring Stations

    Versatile platforms suited for mounting a variety of eco-monitoring and weather sensors, as well as loudspeaker devices, catering to diverse applications and requirements.

  • Lighting Pole

    Robust light poles crafted from steel or composite materials, optionally integrated with an illumination function, melding strength with functional design.

  • Smart Charge

    The ultimate socket kit engineered for connecting external consumers, with robust support for charging electric vehicles and a range of electric-powered devices.

Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Tailored Data Monitoring

Measure, monitor, and manage your environmental and meteorological data with unparalleled precision

Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Infrastructure for Electric Mobility

Adopt a greener mode of transportation with integrated electric vehicle charging—directly from the light pole

Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Dedication to Energy Efficiency

Embrace low-energy, high-impact devices to foster a more sustainable future

Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Economic Intelligence

Strategically enhance your Smart City network while preserving existing structures.

Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Elegant Eco Design

Our solutions blend seamlessly into any environment—a testament to modern aesthetics and ecological harmony

Welcome to Smart Pole Solutions

Ecosystem-Friendly Innovation

We utilize recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to the planet in every product