Charging controller & Socket Unit

AC Charging controller with embedded Socket Unit for D4i ecosystem

The Charging controller and Socket Unit form a comprehensive solution for efficient power distribution and monitoring in lighting systems. The Charging controller serves the purpose of distributing and tracking electricity, while monitoring various parameters such as active and reactive power, voltage, current, frequency, and power factor. It seamlessly transmits these readings to the QULON server. Equipped with built-in protection and switching equipment, it ensures reliable leakage and short-circuit protection.

Moreover, the Charging controller supports DALI 2.0 with an SPI interface, enabling additional LED indication. Communication with the server occurs through a Zhaga GSM Node, utilizing the cellular network. Powered by a 230 V AC mains connection, it provides a stable energy source for the system.

Configuration and remote control of the Charging controller are conveniently handled through the QULON software, with added support for the QULON Charge mobile app. Designed for versatile installation, it can be mounted inside a lighting pole or Smart Pole, fitting on any horizontal or vertical surface. Its IP66 rating ensures robust protection against dust and water exposure.

In conjunction with the Charging controller, the Socket Unit plays a vital role in power distribution. It comprises a collection of sockets that connect directly to the Charging Controller, enabling the seamless distribution of power to end-users. Wired connections ensure reliable connectivity between the Socket Unit and the Charging Controller. Through the SPI interface, each socket's status can be monitored, providing valuable insights.

For enhanced safety, the Socket Unit incorporates a protective earthing connection, ensuring operational security. Each socket is equipped with an individual protective cover, preventing moisture and dirt from entering. The Socket Unit finds its place inside a luminaire pole, offering convenient access to power sockets within the lighting system setup.

  • Operates within the Zhaga D4i ecosystem

    EV charging management with status monitoring

    Supports various charging modes and standards

    Easy integration with existing infrastructure and software

    Compact, lightweight and durable design

    Compatible with various controller models

    Remote control and monitoring capabilities available

    Efficient energy usage for cost-effective operation

    Supports up to 32A current rating

    Weather-resistant and IP65 certified

    Remote software updating

    Built-in electronic protection and current measurement

    Safe and reliable electrical connection for charging

  • Mechanical:

    Housing: dust and waterproof
    Material: metal, plastic
    Dimensions, mm: 347(L) x 112(H) x 67(W)
    Mass: 5 kg
    Mounting: to vertical or horizontal surface

  • Power & Electrical:

    Input Voltage: ~230 V 50/60 Hz
    Input Power (max): 3 W
    Indication power supply: 5 V

  • Environment:

    Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
    Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
    Operating Relative Humidity (max): 100%
    IP Rating: IP 66
    Certification: CE, RoHS
    Warranty: 36 Month

  • Inputs / Outputs:

    Connector: wire

  • Interfaces and protocols:

    Interface: DALI2.0, SPI

  • Configuration / Indication:

    Setup controller: remote via IoT controllers
    Setup socket unit: remote via Charging controller
    Indication: LEDs

  • Package Contents:

    Charging controller & Socket Unit

Charging controller & Socket Unit, Type F
  • : QUL-SPCCSU-3F-16
  • : 5060452248905
Charging controller & Socket Unit, Type G
  • : QUL-SPCCCU-3G-16
  • : 5060452248912