Smart Pole 

with integrated modules

Our smart pole system is an aesthetic solution that combines functionality and visual appeal. The ability to seamlessly integrate an embedded eco-monitoring base, built-in smart charging, and charge control system during the implementation process is a key advantage. As a result, the stylish and modern design of the pole harmoniously blends with the surrounding architecture.

With the embedded eco-monitoring base, smart charging, and charge control system, it ensures energy efficiency, smart resource utilization, and eco-friendliness. This system offers visual transformation and functional benefits, making it an excellent choice for modern urban spaces.

Internal Zhaga Hub Station Smart Pole Solution

Internal Zhaga Hub Station

Our Internal Zhaga Hub Station is our integrated eco-monitoring base station designed for installation within the structure of the lighting pole. It serves as a central hub for monitoring the surrounding environment, collecting and analyzing data on factors such as air quality, noise levels, temperature, humidity, and more. 

Operators can access this information through specialized software or a web interface, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the current state of the environment. 

With its compact design and advanced sensors, the eco-monitoring base station provides real-time information, enabling effective environmental management and promoting sustainable practices in the surrounding area.

Internal Zhaga Hub Station

Charging controller & Socket Unit

The Charging controller & Socket Unit a unique integrated suitable solution that is installed inside a lighting pole, providing convenient access to electrical power and control over its usage. 

The Socket offers additional connectivity options for various devices, enhancing the usability of the electrical supply. 

The  Charging controller enables monitoring and regulation of device charging, as well as control over energy consumption, promoting efficient utilization of electrical energy. 

This integrated solution offers convenience and aligns with modern needs and energy efficiency requirements.

Charging controller & Socket Unit

Charging controller & Socket Unit Smart Pole Solution
IoT Controllers Smart Pole Solution

IoT Controllers

Comprehensive management of the entire smart pole system

The IoT Controller is a powerful tool that combines the management of smart charging, eco-monitoring, and lighting in a single system. 

It is important to note that a smart pole system can utilize multiple IoT controllers, enabling coordination and consistent operation across the entire area, facilitating efficient and convenient management. 

Installed at the top of the lighting pole, the IoT Controller provides integrated and centralized control, promoting efficiency, comfort, and resource savings in urban environments.

IoT Controllers

Internal Socket Unit

The Internal Socket Unit is integrated within the lighting pole, providing additional outlets for convenient access to electrical power. It is easily installed inside the pole, making it a practical and efficient solution. 

The internal socket is reliable and weather-resistant, ensuring a safe and dependable power connection for various devices and equipment. 

Integrating the Internal Socket Unit into the lighting pole expands possibilities and enhances usability, meeting modern requirements for electricity and fulfilling power supply needs.

Internal Socket Unit

Internal Socket Unit Smart Pole Solution
Smart Pole Solution
  • Data monitoring

  • Energy efficiency

  • Cost-effectivness

  • Improving the city's image

  • Modern capabilities

  • Eco friendly

  • Custom Build

  • Seamless Integration

  • Full socket control

  • Smart Pole  at existing lighting poles

    Upgrade Existing Infrastructure

    Ready-to-Install: Embrace innovation with our fully equipped smart poles, designed for cutting-edge efficiency and performance.

  • The luminaire as a smart pole housing Smart Pole Solution

    Devices on the luminaire

    The integrated solution combines lighting control, data collection, socket management, and notification capabilities into a central device controller