Internal Zhaga Hub Station

Centralized Smart Module Integration

Introducing the Internal Zhaga Hub Docking Station, a cornerstone for smart city infrastructure, designed to support the integration of an array of Smart Pole modules and sensors. This compact station streamlines the collection and transfer of environmental data to the QULON server, ensuring real-time monitoring and management of urban spaces.

Discover the ease of deploying smart modules with the Internal Zhaga Hub Docking Station, crafted to complement devices adhering to the DALI 2.0 standard. With four Zhaga connectors at your disposal, connecting sensors and equipment is not only simplified but also enhances the potential of your smart city network.

Energy efficiency meets intelligent design as all added sensors derive power from the DALI 2.0 interface, minimizing energy consumption while maximizing functionality.

Maintain seamless communication with the QULON server via the secure Zhaga GSM Node utilizing mobile networks. Enjoy the convenience of remote configuration, control, and data storage through the intuitive QULON software.

Engineered for discreet installation within a luminaire pole, the Internal Zhaga Hub Docking Station promises a clean, unobtrusive presence in any urban environment.

    • IP65 rated protection ensures a durable plastic case that guards against moisture and dust.
    • Remote firmware updates eliminate the need for manual interventions and keep your system on the cutting edge.
    • Full support for the DALI 2.0 protocol facilitates a broad range of compatible devices and sensors.
    • The flexibility of hot-swappable sensors allows maintenance and upgrades without power interruptions.
    • A quadruple Zhaga connector framework enables easy sensor and module interconnectivity.
    • Extensive data collection capabilities provide comprehensive environmental analysis.
    • Alert mechanisms enable timely, informed decision-making in response to real-time data.
    • Effortless installation and seamless integration into existing smart city frameworks.
    • Reduced operational costs and environmental impact through low maintenance and energy efficiency.
    • A scalable solution tailored to meet the unique demands and growth of smart city initiatives.
  • Physical:

    Housing: protected
    Material: plastic
    Dimensions, mm: 173(L) x 138(H) x 99(W)
    Mass: 1 kg
    Mass(wich stand): 1.2 kg
    Mounting: inside a luminaire pole

  • Power supply:

    Input Voltage: ~100-277 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Input Power (max): 3 W
    Input Power (max) with all sensors: 21 W
    Sensor Power and central controller: –12-24 V

  • Environment:

    Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
    Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
    Operating Relative Humidity (max): 100%
    IP Rating: IP 65
    Certification: CE, RoHS
    Warranty: 36 Month

  • Interfaces and Protocols:

    Control output interface: DALI 2.0

  • Inputs / Outputs:

    Connectors: Zhaga book 18, TH387
    Sensors: ECO & Meteo sensors

  • Configuration / Indication:

    Setup: Remote using the QULON

  • Package Contents:

    Internal Zhaga Hub Station

Internal Zhaga Hub Station, mounting in the support, 4 zhaga connectors
  • : QUL-SPHS-IN-Z4
  • : 5060452247717