Smart Pole 

at existing lighting poles

At Sundrax, we specialize in innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate smart charging and eco-monitoring capabilities into existing urban lighting infrastructure. Our advanced technology allows us to retrofit city lighting poles with smart charging units and eco-monitoring stations, transforming them into multifunctional hubs. By utilizing the existing lighting infrastructure, we minimize disruption and installation costs while maximizing the potential for sustainable urban development.

External Zhaga Hub Station Smart Pole Solution

External Zhaga Hub Station

The External Zhaga Hub Station is specifically designed for integration into existing lighting poles using special mounting equipment.

Zhaga Hub Station collecting data on air parameters, quality, noise, and other environmental factors. The data is sent to a central server for real-time analysis. 

Operators can access this information through specialized software or a web interface, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the current state of the environment. 

This integration transforms lighting poles into essential components of a smart urban space.

External Zhaga Hub Station

Charging controller

After integrating the Charging controller into the existing lighting pole, you will be able to control the smart socket and monitor power consumption. This will enable you to make informed decisions and optimize the operation of the Smart Charge system according to the current environmental conditions.

Charging controller

Charging controller Smart Pole Solution
External Socket Unit Smart Pole Solution

External Socket Unit

The External Socket Unit is integrated into the existing lighting pole, providing additional sockets for convenient access to electrical power. It is easily installed on the exterior side of the pole, making it a practical and cost-effective solution. 

The External Socket Unit is reliable and weather-resistant, ensuring a safe and dependable power connection for various devices and equipment. 

Integrating the External Socket Unit into the lighting pole expands possibilities and enhances usability, meeting the power needs of different devices and facilitating outdoor events and activities.

External Socket Unit

IoT Controllers

Comprehensive management of the entire smart pole system

The IoT Controller is a powerful tool that combines the management of smart charging, eco-monitoring, and lighting in a single system. 

It is important to note that a smart pole system can utilize multiple IoT controllers, enabling coordination and consistent operation across the entire area, facilitating efficient and convenient management. 

Installed at the top of the lighting pole, the IoT Controller provides integrated and centralized control, promoting efficiency, comfort, and resource savings in urban environments.

IoT Controllers

IoT Controllers Smart Pole Solution
Smart Pole  at existing lighting poles
  • Data monitoring

  • Energy efficiency

  • Cost-effectivness

  • Modern capabilities

  • Full socket control

  • Smart Pole with integrated modules

    Full Solution Deployment

    Retrofit Magic: Enhance your existing infrastructure with Smart Pole technology, reaffirming your commitment to sustainability and budget-friendliness.

  • The luminaire as a smart pole housing Smart Pole Solution

    Devices on the luminaire

    The integrated solution combines lighting control, data collection, socket management, and notification capabilities into a central device controller