External Socket Unit

Your Ultimate Power Distribution Solution

Charge with confidence and convenience using our durable External Socket Unit, engineered to flawlessly integrate with your Charging Controller. This unit is built for adaptability and peak performance, delivering an efficient and simplified method for power distribution to every user.

Embark on a journey of effective power control with the External Socket Unit. Its direct wired link to your Charging Controller simplifies the process of power delivery, enabling a straightforward plug-in solution.

Stay ahead with the SPI interface that offers continuous monitoring capabilities, keeping you updated on the functioning of each socket to promote seamless charging procedures.

We put a premium on safety, ensuring that every socket is fitted with an individual cover to protect against the intrusion of moisture and debris. Solid grounding features also provide critical defense against electrical hazards, offering you tranquility and security.

Setting up is a breeze on any support structure or surface, whether it's mounted vertically or laid horizontally. Our External Socket Unit is crafted for easy integration with your Charging Controller, eliminating installation complexities.

Unveil the extensive advantages that our External Socket Unit brings, such as straightforward connections to controllers, a dependable and secure electric charging interface, a space-saving design for diverse settings, and broad compatibility with a range of controller models.

    • Easy and quick installation process
    • Secure and dependable electrical charging connections
    • Space-saving design suitable for various locations
    • Universal compatibility with a range of controller models
    • Supports up to 32A for high-powered applications
    • Constructed from premium materials for enhanced durability
    • Weatherproof with IP65 certification for outdoor resilience
  • Mechanical:

    Housing: dust and waterproof
    Material: metal, plastic
    Dimensions, mm: 347(D) x 72(H) x 67(W)
    Mass: 3 kg
    Mounting: to vertical or horizontal surface

  • Power & Electrical:

    Input Voltage: ~230V 50/60 Hz

  • Environment:

    Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
    Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
    Operating Relative Humidity (max): 100%
    IP Rating: IP 66
    Certification: CE, RoHS
    Warranty: 36 Month

  • Inputs / Outputs:

    Connector: screw

  • Configuration / Indication:

    Setup: remote via Charging controller

  • Package Contents:

    External Socket Unit

External Socket Unit, mounting on a support, Type F
  • : QUL-SPSU-EX-3F
  • : 5060452249087
External Socket Unit, mounting on a support, Type G
  • : QUL-SPSU-EX-3G
  • : 5060452249094