Internal Socket Unit

Streamline Your EV Charging Setup

Embrace efficiency in electric vehicle charging with our robust Internal Socket Unit, specifically crafted to harmonize with a broad spectrum of Charging Controllers. This unit is designed for optimal convenience and reliability, providing a central power conduit for effortless electrical distribution.

Dive into sophisticated power distribution with the Internal Socket Unit. Its direct wired integration with the Charging Controller offers a hassle-free installation, empowering you with a centralized charging hub.

Informed management is paramount, and the SPI interface gives you a window into the real-time status of each socket—your assurance for consistent, uninterrupted charging sessions.

Safety is not an afterthought—it's built into the core of the Internal Socket Unit. Each socket features a dedicated protective cover to shield against environmental challenges, such as moisture and dirt, maintaining peak performance amidst various conditions. Integral earthing connections are your guarantee for safe, risk-free operation.

The versatility of the Internal Socket Unit is unparalleled, designed to conform within the interior of a luminaire pole. This strategic configuration promises not only a seamless fusion with the Charging Controller but also supports diverse installation scenarios without spatial constraints.

Discover the unparalleled benefits delivered by the Internal Socket Unit, including user-friendly installations, a secure and trusted power delivery system, a compact build for flexible placements, compatibility across different charging controller models, and a robust 32A current capacity.

    • Streamlined installation and effortless controller integration
    • Secure, high-integrity electrical charging connections
    • Compact, space-efficient design for flexible installation options
    • Universal controller compatibility to accommodate various setups
    • Capable of supporting up to 32A to cater to high-demand applications
    • Manufactured from high-quality materials ensuring longevity and resilience
    • IP66 certified for robust weather protection, suitable for diverse environmental conditions
  • Mechanical:

    Housing: dust and waterproof
    Material: metal, plastic
    Dimensions, mm: 347(L) x 72(H) x 67(W)
    Mass: 3 kg
    Mounting: to vertical or horizontal surface

  • Power & Electrical:

    Input Voltage: ~230V 50/60 Hz

  • Environment:

    Operating Temperature: -40...+70°C
    Storage Temperature: -50...+80°C
    Operating Relative Humidity (max): 100%
    IP Rating: IP 66
    Certification: CE, RoHS
    Warranty: 36 Month

  • Inputs / Outputs:

    Connector: wire

  • Configuration / Indication:

    Setup: remote via Charging controller

  • Package Contents:

    Internal Socket Unit

Internal Socket Unit, mounting inside a luminaire pole, Type F
  • : QUL-SPSU-IN-3F
  • : 5060452249155
Internal Socket Unit, mounting inside a luminaire pole, Type G
  • : QUL-SPSU-IN-3G
  • : 5060452249162