What is a Smart Pole?

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What is a Smart Pole?

An Overview of Sundrax's Innovative Urban Solution

In the landscape of urban technological advancements, "What is a Smart Pole?" becomes an increasingly relevant question. Sundrax has taken the concept of a conventional support structure and evolved it into a multipurpose Smart Pole, designed not only to hold and power various devices but also to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of smart cities.

Smart Poles are integral to modern urban ecosystems, offering a strategic foundation for deploying an array of equipment. Recognizing this, Sundrax has delved into global smart pole technologies and re-envisioned them into a sophisticated and comprehensive project.

The brilliance of the Sundrax Smart Pole lies in its ubiquitous presence - an urban network of poles available in every city, offering a centralized ownership and a consistent supply of electricity. These traits make them unparalleled hosts for multifaceted infrastructure elements.

An Overview of Sundrax's Innovative Urban Solution Smart Pole

The hallmark of the Sundrax solution is its outright simplicity in deployment. Free from the shackles of complicated infrastructures, the Sundrax Smart Pole can be installed on any pre-existing or newly erected pole. This flexibility allows for rapid rollout of smart pole networks around the globe with only minimal fiscal outlay required for implementation. With two installation methods available - external mounting or integration within hollow poles - Sundrax's design caters to the full spectrum of urban poles.

Let's delve into the two primary components of the Sundrax Smart Pole:
Smart Power Control

Environmental and Meteorological Monitoring

Sundrax's sensor system brings a suite of monitoring capabilities that provide comprehensive data on ambient environmental and weather conditions. These systems are distinguished by a broad selection of sensors and quick-release connectors, relieving operators the task of customizing sensor arrays based on specific operational needs.

Smart Power Control

The power system of the Smart Pole features a sophisticated three-channel power management controller, complete with a consumption meter and a smart socket for external operation. This system enables both electric vehicle charging and the management of additional mounted equipment's power supply, boasting an intricate power protection mechanism to ensure secure operations and preserve the pole's lighting circuit.


Sundrax Smart Poles are designed with nuanced integration in mind

Sundrax Smart Poles are designed with nuanced integration in mind

Thanks to the D4i compatibility, the entire setup can be effortlessly woven into existing street lighting control systems; a singular controller can handle lighting duties while also serving as a gateway for the sensor array and power system—tremendously streamlining the management process.

Each component is engineered to either operate individually or in conjunction as part of the whole system. The sensors are constructed to conform to the D4i standard, making them adaptable to various external control systems. All the collected data is consolidated and delivered through Sundrax's central Kepler software, hence providing a cohesive and intelligent urban operative experience.

In summary

the Sundrax Smart Pole is a sophisticated, adaptable solution that answers the "What is a Smart Pole?" query with a demonstration of how urban infrastructure can be smart, secure, and integrated—a testament to Sundrax's commitment to innovation in smart city development.